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May 24, 2022

We all go through life changes. How we feel about it on the inside is important, but how the world perceives our changes is important too.

History and rhetoric show us that we as humans have built in mechanisms for understanding the changes we see in others. Whether or not your change fits those models will determine how well your community accepts or rejects your evolutions or your returns.

For those seeking to effect political and cultural changes, these models can also shape to what extent political changes are understood, perceived, and/or adopted by the public.

Dr. Adam Ellwanger is a professor who teaches rhetoric, philosophy, and history and he is the author of the book "METANOIA: Rhetoric, Authenticity, and the Transformation of Self."

He joins me to discuss his book, current political rhetoric, the New Right, Frogs, and my own personal experiences with change. 

Interesting, powerful, revealing, and educational - this is a another JML classic.


Dr. Ellwanger's Book: Metanoia