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Sep 5, 2019

Bronze Age Pervert (BAP) is a mysterious figure who wrote a powerful book which has struck fear into the heart of the political establishment. BAP speaks directly to the disenfranchised youth around the world and the powers that be are worried.

Word is, BAP's book, Bronze Age Mindset, is so influential that it's being read, perhaps, by top members of the Trump Administration.

And while BAP has "no interest in respectability," his book demands serious consideration, which is why I spoke with him.

As he and I talked it became clear he was in a foreign country, in some oddly noisy room, and was either using a fake accent to speak or he had a voice masking system.

It was apropo for a man on the run and one who is the target of voodoo magic. And to go along with the cloak and dagger feel, the audio is filled with weird sounds, strange crackles, and what sounded like a clothes washer running the entire time.

In short, this podcast is gritty on the issues, gritty on the future, and gritty in its recording.

And at the same time, totally hilarious.