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Sep 17, 2019

Bo Winegard is an evolutionary psychologist at Marietta College. He has published numerous papers and has been a featured writer at  Quillette. We discuss race, IQ, genetics, government, society, culture, sex norms, and whole lot more:

Is liberalism dead?

Is freedom best for everyone?

How do our genetics drive society?

Is "race" real? How do we foster empathy for everyone no matter where they are on the social hierarchy?

Is psychology useless for understanding human behavior?

The achievement gap, nationalism, diversity, embryo selection and more!

Bo and I pull no punches and show no fear as we address taboo but important issues for our society today.


Social Psychology is dead
Nicholas Wade, A Troublesome Inheritance
Group differences
Do different cultures require different forms of government?
Is universal liberalism ideal for everyone?
Does everyone thrive under freedom?
Government and the psychology of its citizens
Does progressivism erode Western values?
Democrat to Deplorable
You can't have freedom without discipline
The Wonder Years
Intelligence and class structure
Socially enforced monogamy
Sex and economic redistribution
Sex attitudes by political party
Victim culture
Is it OK to love Anglo America?
Alienation of former Democrats
Sometimes diversity is bad
What does a winning coalition look like?
The coalition of decent humans
Racism isn't the worst sin in the universe
The achievement gap, IQ, genetics
IQ and scholastic achievement
Christian emphasis on sanctity of life
Cultural plurality
Embryo selection
Immigration restriction important to preserve Anglo culture
Culture, genetics, outcomes
Cultural affinity
Hatred of excellence
Nationalism gives meaning to people
Compassionate hierarchy