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Oct 2, 2019


Jordan Hall, the tech CEO turned philosopher, returns to the JML Podcast for another in depth conversation on personal sovereignty, coherence, and emergence.

We discuss technology and spirituality, how to embody the future you desire, and how to respond to courage and integrity.

And we explain...

Sep 17, 2019

Bo Winegard is an evolutionary psychologist at Marietta College. He has published numerous papers and has been a featured writer at  Quillette. We discuss race, IQ, genetics, government, society, culture, sex norms, and whole lot more:

Is liberalism dead?

Is freedom best for everyone?

How do our genetics drive...

Sep 5, 2019

Bronze Age Pervert (BAP) is a mysterious figure who wrote a powerful book which has struck fear into the heart of the political establishment. BAP speaks directly to the disenfranchised youth around the world and the powers that be are worried.

Word is, BAP's book, Bronze Age Mindset, is so influential that it's being...

Aug 23, 2019

Former UFC Contender and MMA legend Jon Fitch joins me on this week's podcast. 

We go from back country farm fights to the shining lights of the UFC and everything in between.

We discuss his background, the fight mindset, journaling, his new book, the UFC lawsuit, and MMA in general.


Jan 31, 2019


The underground fiction phenom surfaces to speak with Jack Murphy. Delicious Tacos latest novella, "Finally, Some Good News" is a cultural analysis, auto biography, and flex of amazing writing technique wrapped up into an apocalyptic race against nuclear war.

Delicious Tacos prose is tight, his is...